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Amarnath Yatra from Anantnag

Amarnath is one of the holiest places in India and drives many devotees towards it. Amarnathji yatra is one of the hardest pilgrims in Indian soil. Due to its significance, many travelers from every parts of India as well as from the world come to this place for holy pilgrimage. This shrine can be visited forty five days in a year and lakhs of people come to Amarnath Caves irrespective of harsh climate and tricky long journey. It is organized in Shravana basically during July to August months in a calendar year. Due to its short period of pilgrimage along with mythological significance, people come by trekking all the ways in the difficult terrains of souring mountains.

People proceeding on Amarnath Yatra

History of Amarnathji Yatra

The name of Amarnath is derived from the mythological beliefs that Lord Shiva had narrated secret of immortality to his wife Goddess Parvati here in these caves and this reference can also be found in the ancient Puranas. But during the mid time people could not recognize the exact place of Amarnathji, till one Shepherd Buta Malik rediscovered it in 15th century. From that time many legends visited this holy shrine in which Swami Vivekanand and Sage Shankarachraya are included.

Route of Amarnath Yatra

There are two routes followed to reach the holy caves of Amarnath. First one is from Anantnag- Pahalgam- Amarnath caves, while second is Shrinagar- Baltal- Amarnath caves. Among both, trekkers like to take first route preferably as trek of this path has reduced amount of difficulties. Though, second one is shorter but still due to steep terrains, people usually ignore this route to reach Amarnath Caves.

Anantnag- Pahalgam- Panchtarni- Amarnath Cave Route

The Holy Amarnath Caves

Jammu to Anantnag is 272 km approximately and people are able to reach through bus or taxi. Anantnag is the epicenter of yatra. People coming from Srinagar and Jammu meet at this core center itself. From here they can approach Pahalgam which is 43 km from Anantnag and can be covered with private vehicle or public transport. From Pahalgam it is considered to be 5 days journey to reach Amarnath caves. if climatic conditions remain pleasant.

Pahalgam serves as base camp for the journey of Amarnath Yatra. Pahalgam is a renowned place situated in the mid of Kashmir Valley which is fringed by Lidder and Aru river. Pilgrims arriving here feel mesmerized to see all the scenic beauty and magnificent splendors of nature. To offer their services, many people incept free food and drinks stall in Pahalgam. People can take shelter at Nunwan yatri camp which is at a distance of 6 km from Pahalgam for first night.

The next stoppage of Amarnath yatra is at Chandanwari which is at a distance of 16 km from Pahalgam. Devotees arrive this place with the help of mini bus or taxis as road up to Chandanwari is available. Here also people are welcomed with all kind of facilities such as free food, drinks, tea, coffee. People can also use this place as base camp. From Chandanwari, the real trek begins and Pissu Top is the first milestone of Amarnath Yatra.

Pissu Top
The second day trip begins for Sheshnag through Pissu Ghati. Pissu top or Ghati is situated 3 km away from Chandanwari and it is believed to be battle place of Devtas and Rakshas, both in the quest of first reaching for darshana of lingam. It is said that heap of rakshas who died in battle formed the high mountains.

Sheshnag Lake
Sheshnag is 12 km away from Chandanwari and it takes complete one day to trek out this distance. Sheshnag name is derived from seven peaks in this region which resemble the head of sheshnag, the mythological snake. Second day’s night halt is done at Sheshnag itself and people take rest at camps provided by authorities or can take own tents as there is huge amount of populace. 

Travelers can enjoy glimpses of scenic views at Sheshnag and have solitude of pleasant environ in still as well as isolated serene of Himalayas. Travelers can take dip in lake placed therein as it is believed to be auspicious location for plunge in holy water. The water is too cold but still many people take a dip at this sacred lake.

Sheshnag is left as soon as sun rises next morning and people take leap towards Mahagunas Pass which is located at the altitude of 14000 ft. This 4.6 km trek is one of the most difficult phases in Amarnath yatra. It is a steep climb to Mahagunas pass from thereafter it is lean back to 12000 feet in Panchtarni plains. Panchtarani is a mile long and half a mile broad landscaped area covered with green grass. This place depicts one of the beautiful picturesque views of Amarnath yatra. From Sheshnag to Panchtarani, it is approximately 13 km journey and third day halt is taken at Panchtarani itself.

The Amarnath Holy Cave
Amarnath Cave is mere 6 km from Panchtarani and people take early call to reach there from Panchtarani. There is no place for camping or rest houses provided, hence devotees have to reach caves, take darshan and come back to Panchtarani before evening. While arriving towards the caves, people should take food and drinking water with them. Travelers can have flawless darshan of Lord Shiva in the form of Lingam at Amarnath and come back to Panchtarani to go back again. While returning, people opt pace of journey according to their health and priority.

Srinagar- Baltal- Amarnath Route

Amarnath Caves via Baltal is quite difficult route but many physically fit and athlete persons select this route to get early darshan of Lord Shiva. It is only 14 km trek from Baltal and carried in one day itself. Due to short version of journey it is alluring for many travelers. People can opt for ponnies ride or take help of dandies to climb such steep climbs. The roads compared to Chandanwari route, it is narrow and brittle soil. So people have to take precautions and necessary steps to have safe darshan of Lord Shiva.

Trek of Baltal- Sangam- Amarnath Caves

From baltal, the journey begins early morning. As there is no camping in between the route, travelers have to come back 14 km back again in same day. So people who are physically fit and are able to trek for 28 km in a day should only try this. For convenience, ponies and palkies are available. The journey begins from Baltal to Domail which is 2 km away, from there travelers need to take leap of 5 km to Barari. Barari is 4 km away from Sangam, which is situated at a distance of 3 km from Amarnath caves.

Amarnath Yatra on Helicopter

Amarnath darshan with the help of Helicopter is newly added feature in Amarnath Yatra. People can book Helicopter service available from Baltal to Panchtarani to take Yatri for quick darshan. To avail this service travelers have to reserve seat for traveling via these copters. Currently there are three aviation companies providing services for Amarnath Yatra. Most probable helicopter services are:

  • Global Vectra Helicorp ltd
  • Summit Aviation Pvt ltd
  • M/s Himalayan heli Services Pvt. Ltd
  • Pawan hans helicopter ltd

People who want to take heli services were not required to take any advance registration. The Heli ticket itself is treated as Yatra permit. But travelers have to submit their health report before boarding helicopter at Baltal/ Pahalgam as prescribed by authority

Tariffs of Helicopter for Amarnath Yatra

Baltal – Panjtarni- Baltal (return): Rs 3900/-
Baltal – Panjtarni (one way): Rs 1950/-
Panjtarni – Baltal (one way): Rs 1950/-
Pahalgam- Panjtarni –Pahalgam (return): Rs 8380/-
Pahalgam- Panjtarni (one way): Rs 4190/-
Panjtarni- Pahalgam (one way): Rs 4190/-
Children below 2 years are carried free of cost along with adult person.

Registration for Amarnath Yatra

Registration for Amarnath Yatra needs to be done well before the Yatra begins. People who are interested in taking Amarnath Yatra needs to register themselves for this pilgrimage. This registration is done as per prescribed format and its dates are released by authorities every year.

Registration of devotees is carried out through the three banks i.e. Jammu & Kashmir Bank, Punjab National Bank, and Yes bank. There are total 425 registration counter across India to register travelers for Amarnath Yatra. Registration is compulsory to take permit for Yatra as persons are not allowed from the point of Chandanwari and Baltal if they do not carrying Yatra Permit.

Procedure of Registration

People need to take application format and health certificate format from the respective bank branches and complete the form. Take necessary certificate of health according to the prescribed format. People who are intending to take Yatra ticket should take recent health certificate from authorized doctors to get them registered. Yatris will get their registration done at these counter itself and grab their permit from these registration counters laid at various bank branches across India. For any query and update travelers should visit the official website of shriamarnathjishrine.com
Registration fee for Amarnath Yatra: Rs 50/- per pilgrim

Registration Procedure for NRI/ Ex India Pilgrims

For devotees seeking registration from outside India have to submit their application request along with health certificate and fee deposition to Punjab National Bank, Circle office, Jammu through official email ID nkanand@pnb.co.in. Format of application can be downloaded from official website. The allotment of Yatra Permit is subject to availability of quota, preferred dates, and health certificates. The consequent result will be communicated through email to the concerned person.
Registration fee for Ex India: Rs. 500/- per pilgrim

Things to keep in mind while going for Amarnath Yatra

Travelers can take ration from Chandanwari, Sheshnag and Panjtarni. Numbers of stalls and eateries can be of great assistance. There are some non government social activists who provide free langars at regular interval or stoppages. But it is advisable to carry biscuits, ready to eat food, toffees, tinned food, and healthy snacks to deal with immediate requirement of food. Stove or Gas should be arranged on priority for cooking or this can be obtained at Chandanwari, Sheshnag, and Panjtarni stoppages.
For accommodation at each stoppage, insulated huts and tents are provided to pilgrims on rent. Proper arrangement is necessary as climatic conditions become severe sometimes; therefore proper clothing and accommodations equipments are priority before arriving for Amarnath Yatra.

Travel Tips for Amarnath Yatra

  • High level of Physical fitness is required hence prepare yourself for Amarnath Yatra. Before one month of yatra, people should try to take 4-5 km of morning walk to improve the oxygen efficiency of body. Even yoga and deep breathing exercise are helpful in such case.

  • Increase immunity and resistive power of body as mountainous climatic conditions are quite different. There people have to face strong cold winds, unpredicted rainfall, and harsh climate. Therefore, travelers should take woolen clothes, small umbrella, waterproofing material, wind cheater, raincoat, water proof trekking shoes, walking stick, woolen cap, Muffler, Gloves, Woolen socks, warm jacket, and good torch with cell for trekking.

  • Ladies travelers should not wear saree. Though, saree is traditional outfit, but considering the fact of trekking and difficulties of location it is not a suitable dress for Amarnath Yatra. Salwar Kameez or Pant shirt or even track suit is better choice for trekking. Pregnant ladies are not allowed for Yatra and even children below the age of 13 are also not allowed. Old people can travel in Yatra up to the age of 75 only if found physically fit.

  • Suitable arrangements should be done to take luggage along. It would be good to hire porter / horses / ponies to carry your luggage. This facility should be lied adjacent to traveler to avail baggage at any time of need while traveling.

Amarnath Yatra from toughest of routes

  • Water bottle, dry fruits, channa, toffees, jiggery, chocolates, and other such eatable items should be carried during the journey. Cold cream, Vaseline, and sunscreen are also necessary to protect your hands and face.

  • Trekker must travel in groups and make sure that all group members are traveling along with traveler. They should refrain themselves from separating from their groups.

  • Travelers should keep note having details of the name, addresses, mobile telephone number of members traveling with them in the pocket.  In case of emergency it is beneficiary for travelers to get immediate relief and instant assistance from friends.  Yatra Permit and other identity card should also be carried.

  • From each Base Camp travelers should leave along with all members of group. If someone found short in the list, it should be noted to Police, which are available at every camp base. Announcements will be made on the Public Address System at the Yatra Camp to trace the person who is missing.

  • Instructions announced by the Yatra administration should be followed from time to time. The source of information is through these announcements only. There are difficult to get mobile network at high regions hence do listen to all announcements and talk to fellow Yatris for updates on current affairs.

  • Travelers have been provided with banned food menu and permitted food menu. Hence people should carry only permitted food along with them as non permitted food are not allowed after entry points.

  • People should protect the piousness of this place and must not pollute it. Proper sanitation should be used which are provided by Yatra management.

  • Lavatories and urinals are installed adjoining to camp and on the route, they should be used.

What not to do in Amarnath Yatra

  • Travelers must not stop at places which are marked with warning notices.

  • Travelers should not use slippers for trekking as this could result in any accident due to steep rise and fall on the road to the Amarnath caves.

  • Do not attempt any adventurist steps which could be dangerous for travelers itself and others traveling with them.

  • Do not use plastic bags as these are banned in the state.

Reach Amarnath Yatra

(From May to October)
Address: Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board
K-Villa Sohravardi House
Shivpora, Srinagar - 190 004
Phone Number : +91- 194- 2501679, 2468250
Mobile Number : +91 9469722210
Tele Fax : +91- 194- 2501679
Email : sasbjk2001@gmail.com

(Between November to April)
Address: Chaitanya Ashram
Talab Tillo, Jammu - 180 002
Phone Number : 0191- 2569910, 2503399
Tele Fax : 0191-2503399

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