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Society in Anantnag

Society is the major component of cluster of many noble citizens who come together for preserving and nurturing futuristic values of civilization. Society is need of every city, town, and village, irrespective of caste creed and language difference. They are required to work for mankind, human, environment, and other living beings. Welfare societies work as non-profit organization and preferred to call as NGO (Non Government Organization).

Society in Anantnag

In Anantnag, being part of Jammu and Kashmir, it has faced many inequalities in all the factors of humanity. Hence, need was realized for non government organizations to work in this region to upgrade and enhance the livelihood of citizens in Anantnag. To register such organizations to work in favor of citizens of Anantnag, the government has introduced Jammu and Kashmir Societies Act 1998, for those who are interested to work in the field of social welfare, child welfare, women welfare, environment welfare, peace welfare, animal welfare, and other such welfare interests.

With this initiative, many elite people came forward to give services to the society of Anantnag. They have taken identical mission in their hands and formed a group to provide light to the distressed people of the city who are deprived from humanitarian behavior.

Childcare Societies in Anantnag

Anantnag is one of the deprived areas in terms of development and nurturing of children. To improve the living standard and literacy among the young kids of Anantnag, Government has taken many initiatives. They also seek helping hands of private sector in this social cause. Thus, there many societies in Anantnag registered for childcare that have initiated many programs to improve status of these children. There are many children who lost their parents, hence to provide such under priviledged children with  all facilities of education and shelter, number of orphanages and childcare centers hasvebeen established in Anantnag.

Child Welfare Anantnag

Women Welfare Societies in Anantnag

Women consists half the population of world, but still they are treated under valued. Same is the status in Anantnag. Here female persons are deprived from their basic rights and proper health care. Hence to give proper support to under privileged women in community, many social workers of Anantnag have formed women welfare societies in the city.

Environment Welfare Societies in Anantnag

Kashmir Valley is one of the major part of India which is facing the problem of global warming. Anantnag being the part of Kashmir Valley, it is effected by the adverse effects of this  phenomenon as such. To cater this problem, number of Environmental welfare societies have been commenced in the city which are actively educating people about the harms of global warming and how to prevent it. They also educate people to make this city eco- friendly.

Animal Welfare Societies in Anantnag

Nowadays people are growing in knowledge and realized the importance of other creatures on the earth. These speech less animals are more prone to social injustice. It is quite often that people misbehave with innocent animals. Hence to care about them and give them proper care many Animal welfare societies have been established in Anantnag

Old Age Welfare Societies in Anantnag

Old Age Welfare Societies in Anantnag play an important role to give shelters to helpless old citizens of the city. These aged people are usually alone and do not have any person to care about them. These societies in Anantnag provide complete solutions in form of old age homes which give them shelter ,food, health care, and proper clothing.

NGOs in Anantnag

Some of the NGOs are engaged in uplifting the livelihood of people who are isolated from development and basic facilities:

SUBHA - Society for Universal Brotherhood & Aman- Peace in Anantnag

Anantnag has always been forced to face the grunts of insurgency and its aftermaths. The turbulences of Kashmir valley made life more difficult for the people of this district. Hence to spread the message of peace and humanity amongst the common masses, SUBHA was initiated. It is a welfare society that aims to bring and retain peace in this region in an impartial and independent manner. The message of universal brotherhood is spread among the people by this organization to improve the living conditions of this place.

Address: Kadoo Building, 2nd Floor,
K P Road, Anantnag
Pin: 192101
Jammu & Kashmir
Phone: 91-1932-228283
Mobile: 91-92051 83501, 91-88039 29551
Email: subhaforuniversalpeace@gmail.com
Website: subhauniversalpeace.webs.com
Contact Person: Aarifeen Shad

SPEAK - Society for Promotion of Environmental Awareness in Kashmir in Anantnag

The main motto of Society for Promotion of Environmental Awareness in Kashmir is to promote environmental responsiveness, expansion of science, bio-diversity preservation, disaster management, and social service. Pronounced as speak, it is one of the prominent NGOs in Anantnag which is actively engaged in daily news of the city. They have initiated programs to conserve beauty of Kashmir valley and preserve the natural environment of Anantnag.

Address: Achabal, Anantnag
Pin: 192201
Jammu & Kashmir
Phone: 91-1932-217126
Email: ngospeak@gmail.com
Contact Person: Manzoor Javaid
Purpose : Environment protection & science popularization.

Human Welfare Foundation in Anantnag

Welfare in Anantnag

Human welfare society is one of the prominent workers in overall development of humanity in the Anantnag especially in rural region. The main objective of the organization is increase growth of rural areas and focus is on key areas of health, education, and income generation of people residing in these areas.

Address: 310, Lone Bldg,
K.P. Road, Anantnag
Pin: 192101
Jammu & Kashmir
Mobile: 91-99065 37364
Email: shabirbaba@hotmail.com
Contact Person: Shabir Ahmed Baba

I.T Quest India

I. T Quest India is one of the unique societies which help poor students who are deprived from studies of higher education due to short of funds. They are engaged in providing the course material written by world experts to the people who like to upgrade themselves by studying high technological and knowledge based studies.

Address: K.P Road, Nai Basti,
Pin: 192101
Jammu & Kashmir
Mobile: 91-94690 36966
Email: emmnaay@gmail.com
Contact Person: Mohd. Ayoub Reshi

Adam Welfare Organization

Address: Dooru Anantnag, Anantnag
Anantnag - 192 212
Mobile: 91- 94690 64544, 88039 04370
Email: syed_aushaq@yahoo.co.in
Website: www.adamwelfareorg.com
Contact Person: Zaheer Abasss Bhatt

NGOs near Anantnag

The main mission of culture Educational & environmental organization is to promote harmony in Kashmir Valley. They are engaged in uplifting of education system in Anantnag and adjoining areas. Along with maintaining peace in the region, they are also committed to preserve environment as well as to conserve culture and traditions of Anantnag. These societies are driven to establish new home for child care and give deprived children better life as well as education.

Cultural, Educational & Environmental Organization in Budgamx

Address: Proper Budgam Yosuf Abad, Khanpora Link Road
Budgam - 191111
Phone: 91- 1951- 255511
Mobile: 91- 99068 26707
Email: ceeo_ngo@rediffmail.com
Contact Person: Sheikh Altaf Hussain

NGOs in Anantnag

Kashmir Charitable Trust

Kashmir Charitable Trust Budgam is established to give support to the poor people who are deprived from their basic need due to shortage of funds. This charitable trust is providing necessary support to poor and needy people. Also they have initiated program to help rehabilitation of people affected by terrorism in the Valley and provide support in disaster management.

Address: Taki Pora Mirgund, Budgam
Budgam - 191 111
Jammu & Kashmir
Mobile: 91-96973 98839
Email: syednasurullaha@yahoo.co.in
Contact Person: Syed Nasrullah

Shaikh Ul Aalam Welfare Commitee

Shaikh Ul Aalam Welfare Committee is engaged in demolishing corruption from Kashmir valley. This society has initialed program against corruption and other social evils for welfare of people.

Address: Raithan, Badgam - 191 111
Jammu & Kashmir
Phone: 91-1951-277292
Mobile: 91-99064 03963
Email: sajadrasool9@gmail.com
Purpose : Development

National Human Welfare Society in Kulgam

Address: Churat Qazigund Kulgam, Kulgam
Kulgam 192221
Jammu & Kashmir
Email: syed_aushaq@yahoo.co.in
Contact Person: Aushaq Husain

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