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Tourism in Anantnag

Anantnag is a stupendous and wonderful location of world tourism. It is the key place from where many tourist spots can be explored in Kashmir Valley. Anantnag is perfect place for people looking for picturesque sceneries along with pleasant climate in India. It is a distinguished place of valley and displays the vivid colors of Jammu and Kashmir tourism. Basically, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is divided into three major areas according to tourism. These are Jammu region, Kashmir valley region, and Leh region. Among these Kashmir Valley is one of the magnificent places which display the mesmerizing sightseeing of nature. Anantnag is undisputed part of this region which carries all beauty and natural gorgeousness of earth.

Anantnag Tourism

Anantnag boasts of many beautiful attractions which draws people from around the world. Tourists who come to Anantnag to persuade their enthusiastic senses get full satisfaction of tourism by the expedition of this place. Due to its immaculate splendor, Kashmir valley is also called as heaven on earth. People who have visited abroad locations such as Switzerland find Anantnag as a replica of that pristine destination. Along with natural beauty and scenery, Anantnag also showcases the historical places and religious places which have much importance in the world history. Some of the renowned wildlife sanctuaries are also established which makes it perfect for discovering flora and fauna of Anantnag. Here are some details of Anantnag tourism along with some factors which are essential while arriving at Kashmir.

Parks and Gardens in Anantnag

Anantnag can be termed as garden city of Kashmir. There are many Gardens and Parks in and around Anantnag. Since the ancient times this place was among the favorite tourist destinations of royal families. Among them, Mughals had the most significant impact on the tourism of Anantnag. They were very fond of natural beauty and Kashmir was the best of all. Hence they had incepted various gardens and parks in Anantnag region to make this place more adoring and magnificent. Now the district has several such parks which were constructed in ancient times, renovated and rebuild for tourism in Anantnag. Tourists from all around the world come to Anantnag especially for these scenic places here. The popular gardens and parks of Anantnag are as follows:

Parks and Gardens in Anantnag

  • Achabal Garden
  • Padshahi Bagh Bribehara
  • Mughal Garden Verinag
  • Botanical Garden Kokernag
  • Aishmuqam Park
  • Akad Park
  • Poshwan Park
  • Lidder View Park
  • Sherbagh park
  • Mattan park

Natural Springs in Anantnag

Anantnag has derived its name from the numerous springs issuing inundating the whole region. The name Anantnag means, Anant- numerous, Nag- Springs. The city has many beautiful natural springs which enhance its natural beauty. Some of these springs are contained in stone basins built during the ancient Mughal times. The gardens of Achabal and Verinag are fine examples of Mughal architecture and penchant for natural beauty. These Mughal gardens have famous Persian style and and thoughtful carvings on stone. They served as the Pleasure retreat for the royals. Kokernag is another natural spring in Anantnag. it is, in fact, a collection of small channels originating from the foothills of a mountain in dense forests and they form the shape of hen’s claw called Koker locally.

Historical Places in Anantnag

Anantnag is one of the historical landscapes in Kashmir. It has witnessed many invaders during the course of time who have demolished the beautiful architecture of Anantnag. But some of the ruins can be found in the soil of this city. One of the ancient places that the city holds is Martand Sun Temple which is supposed to be one of the oldest Sun temples in India.

Historical Places in Anantnag

This temple has been destroyed by Sikandar Butshikan who also destroyed many other magnificent artistic places of Anantnag. But still the remains of such structures like some ancient mosques are standing in the city. These places display the artistic archeology of ancient Anantnag. The main attraction among the historical places is this famous Martand Sun Temple of Anantnag.

Religious Places in Anantnag

Anantnag holds many religious sites in its beholding. These spots include popular shrines and tombs of famous saints. As it is the possessor of major shrines of Hinduism, it has many such distinguished places within the city and adjoining regions.


This is one of the popular shrines of India which has its name in most sacred places of country. It is situated 46 kilometer away from Anantnag main city and falls in the region of Pahalgam.

Religious places in Anantnag

Uma Devi of Uma Nagri:

This is one of holistic places of Anantnag situated in the region of Uttarasoo. Here it is said that Goddess Uma who is renowned as Goddess Parvati is present in form of river streams. There are five streams at this place. Among these five streams, only 2 come out of the place and they get merged with each other to depict the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Ziarat Baba Hyder Reshi:

This holy place is a well known mosque in Anantnag which is situated in village Danter. This place is the burial of Baba Hyder Reshi and his twenty one followers. People who having devotion towards the saint come here to offer their worship at this place.

Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki:

Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki is situated in Anantnag at Reshi Bazaar, which is known as one of the oldest mosques of Anantnag. The construction of this mosque was started by Mir Muhammed Hamdani and his father, the famous saint Shah Hamdan of Iran in the 14th century. But it got completed by the famous Baba Dawood Khaki in 16th century. He was the follower of Islam and incepted many such places in Anantnag during his stay of 10 years in the city.

Religious Destinations in Anantnag

Aishmuqam Shrine:

This is among the religious as well as historical sites of Anantnag tourism. Aishmuqam Shrine holds the places like Shiekh Zain ud din shrine that has been constructed during the era of 15th century and Hazrat Zain ud din Wali shrine as well.

Other Religious Places of Anantnag

  • Masjid Syed Shab
  • Kherbawani Asthapan
  • Chapel of John Bishop’s Memorial Hospital

Other Tourist Attractions in Anantnag

Natural places in Anantnag

Aru Valley

Aru is a magnificent resort village placed in the vicinity of Pahalgam. This resort village is positioned on the altitude of 2400 meter and display splendid art of nature. People visiting this place get mesmerized by looking at the beautiful picturesque views and pleasant climate. This is one of the best romantic places where lots of honeymoon couples spend their exuberant time. Travelers can explore this place by strolling on the pathways of hilly terrains of Aru resort village.

Sinthan Top

Sinthan top is recently discovered destination in Anantnag. This place is located on the National Highway 1 B around 72 km away from Anantnag city. This spot is situated on the elevated height of 12000 ft from the sea level displaying the rarest sightseeing of Kashmir Valley. Due to heavy snow fall, this spot remain closed during winter season, but people who are enthusiastic and adventurist in nature can visit Sinthan top between the period of April and September.

Koilhoi Glacier

Koilhoi Glaciers are among the few existing stocks of solid ice of Himalayan ranges in the region of Pahalgam. People on the visit to Anantnag could not afford to avoid this place of attraction. Those who are physically fit and have sound health can try for this place as the path to this spot is quite tricky. It is positioned 35 km away from pahalgam and major part of this route is covered by walking on pathways.  Hence proper guide and necessary accessories should be carried while going to Koilhoi Glaciers. However, studies say that due to global warming this glacier has become hollow from inside; hence it can be risky for travelers. Therefore, precautionary measures are must for this trip in Anantnag.

Natural beauty of Anantnag

Betaab Valley

The name of this place sounds filmy and that is due to movie shooting in this location. It is 15 km away from Pahalgam and many tourists visit this place due to its immense beauty. It is situated on the route of Amaranth Yatra and it fringed by lofty mountains with snow capped peaks adding to its magnificence.

Hotels in Anantnag

Anantnag is well versed with high defined luxurious hotels and resorts which are providing most excellent services to the tourism of this region. Complementing the tourism of Anantnag, hotels are well equipped with awesome locations, inimitable services, and skilled staff. They are aesthetically designed to highlight the typical Kashmiri culture and offer breathtaking views of the splendid valley. The famous hotels of Anantnag are:

  • Hotel Grand Akbar
  • Hotel Paradise Inn
  • Hotel Noor Mahal
  • Hotel Sunshine
  • Hotel Pahalgam

Accommodations in Anantnag

As a health resort, Pahalgam town in Anantnag is also blesses with numerous resorts which are mostly preferred by the tourists to have comfortable stay in close company of nature. The famous resorts like Peace resors, Grand Mumtaz Resorts, Forest Hill resorts, Pine Cliff resorts, and Hamdard Resorts are well known for their hospitality and services.

Restaurants in Anantnag

Anantnag offers the sumptuous Kashmiri cuisine to all its visitors. It has many popular restaurants and eateries serving delectable varieties ranging from South Indian to inter- continental dishes. Kashmiri delicacies like Kashmiri Pulao and Phirni are also included in the menu list of the restaurants in Anantnag and its adjoining towns. The famous restaurants in Anantnag are:
  • Delhi Darbar
  • Himalaya House Restaurant
  • Paradise Restaurant
  • Pamposh Restaurant
  • Friends Plaza Restaurant

How to Reach Anantnag

Anantnag is well connected through all the means of transport from other parts of India. The most preferred transport medium is by air which is used to reach Anantnag from other major cities such as Delhi and Kolkata. It is connected through all popular travelers’ centric airports in India and it provides regular flights to all such locations. Tourists from these cities can touch down at Srinagar Airport to reach Anantnag. It is just 62 km away which takes 2 hours to arrive in city. Taxis and buses are available from airport itself to reach the city Anantnag.

Transport in Anantnag

Anantnag is well connected to major cities of India through rail route as well. The new broad gauge lines have been planted between Benihal and Baramulla to join the cities of Kashmir with this medium of transport. There are few trains which have started operating from these stations to join Srinagar to Anantnag. Though there is planning to join this track with Jammu station to get access to all other parts of India.

Road facilities are the most prominent means of transport for locals. People coming to Anantnag prefer this route to arrive in the city. Tourist buses and taxis are available from neighboring cities to reach this tourist place.

Best Time to Visit Anantnag

Summers are the best time to visit this magnificent place called Anantnag. The temperature of valley remains in the comfortable zone and ambiance gives energetic enthusiasm to explore the city of Anantnag quite easily. During this season, environment is calm and pleasant and rays of sun fall on the top of snow clad mountains to give the splendid views for visitors. Summers reflects the temperature between 8 degree to 22 degree Celsius in Anantnag which starts from March basically and continues till August. Tourist starts pouring this place with the beginning of March because this place seems to be untouched beauty during March to May months.

Weather in Anantnag

From September, the season of autumn begins and this is also an immaculate time for visiting Anantnag. Though there are some exemptions during the tour, but it is quite an enjoyable journey during September to November. Nights are comparatively colder than day temperature so it is better to take good amount of bedding and woolens during this phase of time. Basically, honeymoon couples are more allured to this place during this phase of season.

In winter, there is drastic fall in temperature which falls below freezing point. The barometer shows the temperature between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius; hence it is somewhat difficult to explore Anantnag entirely. Though, some enthusiastic people who likes to enjoy snow fall and chilly winter usually tour at this time. But major precautions should be taken to visit around this phase of year. Generally winter starts from November and ends in February. End of December to January, it has severe climatic conditions so it is good to avoid this time for tourism.

Things to carry while going to Anantnag

Things to carry to Anantnag

Anantnag is a difficult place for tourist to explore. There are many things that should be done while going for trip at Anantnag. Traveler should take current news of this place before the scheduled departure. This place is little vulnerable sometimes, hence one should take information about the local environment. Alongside people should take emergency kits, tracking shoes, heavy woolens, urgent situation drugs, binoculars, and other such important things before going to Anantnag. People should also keep reserve days while traveling to this region.

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