About Anantnag

Kashmir is rightly the heaven on earth and Anantnag is a splendid door to this heaven. Located towards South of Jehlum Valley, it is a place beautified by the splendors of nature. The majestic mountains, sweet murmuring of gushing streams, numerous springs, fertile landscape, scrumptious fresh fruits, and aromatic flowers welcomes you to this land of amazing wonders in Kashmir.

About Anantnag

It forms an integral part of the ever beautiful Kashmir Valley which is constituted of eight districts including Anantnag. It is also popular by the name of Islamabad which was conferred to it by an ancient ruler, Islam Khan, during Mughal regime in this region. The city of Anantnag has derived its name from Sanskrit word meaning Land of numerous springs. The district has many springs originating from its various parts of Anantnag. They include Salak Nag, Nag Bal, and Malik Nag. The great Anant Nag spring originating from the heart of this city is also believed to have given its name thus.

History of Anantnag

Kashmir valley has its distinctive history which is marked by the ancient rulers of this land and the historical monuments built by them. Anantnag is a very old city in this valley which was developed as a business center around 5000 BC. At that time, Kashmir valley had three divisions viz Yamraj towards center, Maraj in South, and Kamraj towards north.

History of Anantnag

It is believed that this division was the result of baffle for throne between two brothers Marhan and Kaman. This strife between them divided the valley into two parts where Srinagar was the center point while areas towards its north and south became Kamraj and Maraj respectively. Then during 1320 BC, Muslims invaded this beautiful valley and laid the foundation of their rule. It was during their regime that Anantnag was called Islamabad as well. The name is still popular in this district. Read More................

Geography of Anantnag

Geography of AnantnagAt a whooping elevation of 1600 m or 5300 feet above the sea level, Anantnag has its location at latitude of 33o-20' to 34o-15' north and longitude of 74o-30' to 75o-35' east. Towards the South of this district lie the Tehsil towns like Banihal, Kishtwar, and Reasi. The eastern sector of this district shares borders with Kargil Tehsil while northern and western borders have Pulwama district on its border. The entire city is divided into three town areas namely Anantnag, Mattan, and Khanabal. All these towns are further divided into a number of areas that dot the old and new city alike.

Anantnag has a diversified climate which can be classified as Moderate type climate. It has Karakoram ranges acting as a backdrop towards its east and Pir Panjal range towers towards its South. While spring and autumn are cool in this region, it has moderate summers and mildly cold winters. Summers also witness slight rainfall here with humidity.

July is the hottest month and December to January, winters are chilling here with minimum temperature falling below -15oC. Though, the recent afforestation of this city has led to gradual increase in temperature and humidity with lush greenery found mostly on its outskirts as compared to mid town. Read More......................

Tourism in Anantnag

The pristine beauty of Anantnag is mystical and alluring for an avid traveler. The bounties of nature are boundless here with a rich landscape. It possesses many health resorts; probably the highest in state and numerous religious places fit to induce enhanced tourism in Anantnag.

The turbulences of Kashmir Valley have highly infected the tourism in this region though the restoration efforts from government are also bearing fruits with tourists again flocking to Kashmir valley to feel the subtleness of its environment and beauty of its landscape. Its tourist destinations can surely bring back the lost glory of this land with more influx of domestic and international tourists to Anantnag.

Tourism in Anantnag

The main tourist attractions of Anantnag

  • Pahalgam
  • Verinag
  • Achabal
  • Daksum
  • Kokernag
  • Chatabal
  • Sinthan Top
  • Martand Sun Temple

Religious spots in Anantnag

Religious Places in Anantnag

Kashmir valley is said to be the land of saints. It is inundated with numerous shrines that have historical values also attached to them. The famous shrines of this valley include Amarnath Ji, a yearly pilgrimage of Hindus highly revered by them. Anantnag district has many famous Hindu and Muslim religious places attracting lots of devotees every year. These include:

  • Hazrat  Zain Ud Din Wali
  • Hazrat Naseeb Ud Din Gazi
  • Hazrat Baba Hyder Reshi
  • Devibal Temple
  • Uma Devi Temple
  • Nagdandi
  • Masjid Syed Sahib
  • Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki
  • Chapel of John Bishop
  • Bumzoo Caves

Economy of Anantnag

Economy of AnantnagEver since its evolution during pre historic times, Anantnag has sustained its position as a veritable hub for economy in this region. While tourism is the core of economic activities here, handicrafts of this region are also renowned all over the world. The fertile land of Anantnag facilitates better cultivation of crops like rice and wheat due to which it is also called rice bowl of Kashmir.

Apart from these, there are captivating orchards of Apples found in abundance here. These apples and handicrafts items like woolen Kashmiri Shawls, woodcarving, and dress materials are exported largely due to which Anantnag also won the Award for export excellence in 2010.

The major portion of its economy is constituted of tourism while rest of it is made up from the sale of its handicrafts and fruits all over the Indian subcontinent and other parts of world as well.

Art and Entertainment in Anantnag

Arts in AnantnagHandicrafts of Kashmir are very easily found in Anantnag. There are many local handlooms and weavers for making exquisite items like woolen shawls, dress materials, and carpets. The city also has penchant for fine arts which is reflected in its art galleries.

Anantnag has few art galleries for art exhibitions while for entertainment; city has abundance of nature exhibited in its parks, gardens, and local markets. There are many television channels in the city along with news dailies published from here.

These keep the people of Anantnag entertained all the year through. Snowfalls in winters open newer avenues of adventure and entertainment in the form of winter sports.

People and Culture of Anantnag

Muslims constitute the major portion of population in Kashmir valley. Anantnag is no exception to this fact and has huge populace of Muslims while there are segments of Hindus and Sikhs as well dwelling in this region. People here are world known for their amiable hospitality and zest for life. Principal language of this city is typical Kashmiri while Urdu is the Official language. There are certain tribes speaking Gojri in Anantnag and Pahari is also spoken in smaller pockets of district.

Right from the costumes to cuisine, Anantnag has a unique taste in its ethnicity. Pheran with pyjama is the traditional dress worn by men and women with a shawl also used by women to be draped gracefully as a head dress. Cuisine of this district comprises of Kashmiri specialty dishes like Kashmiri Pulao and Phirni. Hot cup of tea called Kawa, made with almond and spices, is also a favorite in the district.

People of AnantnagBeing Muslim majority area, Anantnag has Sufiana Kalam as the local music and Santoor, Sitar, and Dukra are the common musical instruments here.

Rouff is a traditional dance form of women in Kashmir Valley also loved by the residents of Anantnag and performed on their special occasions. Read More...................

Shopping in Anantnag

Anantnag offers a lot to the ardent shoppers in the form of its delicious fruits and intricate handicrafts. Apple orchards are found aplenty in this district and they are sold in local markets while a huge portion goes into exports. The local markets are brimmed with handicraft items like Kashmiri shawls, kurtas, rugs, and carpets.

Shopping in Anantnag

Wooden handicrafts of Anantnag are also a must pick from its markets. The city has little influence of modern shopping culture and hence has no shopping mall in its arena. But its local markets are quite fulfilling for all the shopping needs of residents and travelers alike. Read More........................

Demographics of Anantnag

Jammu and Kashmir
Area: 2917 km2
Population: 1, 08,505
Sex Ratio: 937
Literacy Rate: 64.32%
STD code: 01932/ 01931
Vehicle registration: JK 03/ JK 18
Tehsils: 06
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