Emergency Services in Anantnag

Anantnag is one of the distinct parts of Jammu and Kashmir, which draws lots of travelers all around the year. It is situated in the Himalayan ranges of Kashmir Valley displaying the significant views of natural phenomenon. Anantnag is second largest city in the state having dense population within and around the city. It serves as a gateway and provides access to Kashmir valley through which tourists can tour this place.

Emergency Services Anantnag

But its geographic conditions and strategic environment poses severe challenges in front of local administration. Any emergency can arise in this city due to these tough situations. In fact, it has already tolerated the grunt of insurgency for years which made its emergency and disaster management machinery perfect in tackling such natural or manmade calamities. The main services offered for crunch emergency situations in Anantnag are:

Jammu and Kashmir Fire and Emergency Services

This department is set up in Anantnag to safeguard the citizens and protect their properties. This department is established here to sort out any situation that arises, whether it is manmade or natural. Fire and Emergency Department react to every problem occuring in Anantnag district. They are well equipped with Hydraulic combi tools, Hydraulic cutters, Inflatable Lighting Towers, AFT system, rescue rams, chain saws, circular saw, thermal imaging camera, water drill, pneumatic lifting bags, special water monitors, chemical suits, diving suits, fire suits, stretchers and other such accessories to help in rescue operations in Anantnag.

Fire and emergency services department in Anantnag

Fire stations & emergency department has setup its offices at key locations of Anantnag including Bijbehara, Pahalgam, Qazigund, Dooru, Kokernag, Seer Hamdan, Sallar, Achabal, Shangus, Kawarigam, Jawahar Tunnel, Aishmuqam, Seriguphwara, and Mattan. They are working with a motto of ‘saving lives in Anantnag’; hence their responsibilities are much more then rescue from fire. They undertake operations such as flash flood, earthquake, rail accidents, road accidents, landslides, conflagrations, avalanches, catastrophes, under water rescue, and other similar calamities. It has upgraded services which are customized according to the needs of Anantnag.

Fire & Emergency Services, Head Quarters
Contact person
: Shri Ab. Rehman Wani
Phone no: 01932 222443
Mobile no: 09419043101

Emergency Hospitals in Anantnag

Anantnag Emergency Hospitals

Hospitals are the major services during any calamity. These hospitals are engaged with dedicated departments that run 24 hours and they are readily available for any medical emergency. Hospitals in Anantnag are well equipped with modern facilities to tackle every serious case of health care. These emergency services are very crucial in saving life of masses during any accident or natural calamity.
  • ASYM Hospital
  • John Bishop Memorial Hospital

Ambulance Service in Anantnag

Ambulance Emergency in AnantnagAmbulance services are very vital component of emergency services in Anantnag. Ambulances in Anantnag are availed with all necessary facilities to cater every medical emergency.

They are possessed with advance features and life saving machinery to give first aid treatment to patients. They are readily available on call and give prompt service to affected areas located within its challenging terrains.
  • SKJ Nursing Home Ambulance Service
  • City Hospital Ambulance Service

24 Hours Chemist Service in Anantnag

Round the clock chemist services are one of the important humanitarian services in Anantnag. People who need urgent medicines can go to these 24 hours chemists and take these medications without any extra cost. They keep all life saving drugs along with vital injections for the critical patients.

Bhat Medical Store -
Gowhar Hussain Shah - 7298687917

Blood Banks in Anantnag

As a life saving unit, blood banks are the important services in emergency. Due to injuries in calamities people lose too much blood which makes victim critical and chances of death also rise. To control the damage and to save life of critical patients, blood banks play a major role. Blood Banks in Anantnag promote campaign of blood donation among people and execute complete process of checking blood samples, collecting blood, preserving it, and providing to needy patients across the district.

Amarnath Yatra Disaster Management in Anantnag

Amarnath Yatra is most difficult pilgrim which witness huge numbers of devotees. There are numerous threats on this Yatra which takes place every year. Due to militant movement and naturally difficult situations, there is maximum probability of accidents, natural or human. Hence, Deputy Commissioner of Anantnag is assigned with the job of Disaster Management and he is the man in action for any calamity arising during the yatra.

C/o Dy Commissioner Office

Phone No: 01932 222337

Police Support in Anantnag during Emergency

Law and Order in Anantnag is in the hands of Police Department. During accident or any crisis in city, policemen are the first to contact and arrive at the spot. In any incidence, the first report of police is required for any further investigation or evidence. In case of any criminal activity their role became major as they have to investigate entire venue along with looking into the matter with intense care.

Police district headquarters of Anantnag is supervised under the Senior Superintendent of Police under whom total district is included. Police is further bifurcated into different parts according to the tasks they need to perform. These can be stated as Armed Police, Traffic Police, Railway Police, and Civil Defence or Home Guard.

Distt. Police Office Anantnag
Tel No: 01932- 222836, 222271
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