Health Services in Anantnag

Anantnag district of South Kashmir region is the largest urban settlement with growing population. The growth in population and development of this area has induced need for better medical and health care facilities for the people residing here as well as for those living in the remote rural areas. There is the department for Health and Family welfare that look after the medical needs of people in Anantnag. This department is entrusted with the responsibility to bring about a positive change into the health system and conditions of this region.

Health care in Anantnag

Quality health services, lower IMR/MMR, stabilization of population, demographic balance without any gender bias are the issues that need to be addressed by this department. It has been successful as well in achieving these objectives. It is done through the various initiatives and schemes taken up by the department including NRHM, AYUSH, Rogi Kalyan Samiti etc. Anantnag district has a distinct topography which is also quite challenging for the medical department and hospitals. To make the facilities available to the people, the infrastructure has been strengthened with the help of government authorities and private institutions.

Hospitals in Anantnag

Anantnag district has many leading government hospitals and medical care units to serve its people. These hospitals are managed by Department of Health and Family Welfare. There is a district hospital with strength of 125 beds in Anantnag. This hospital is a referral hospital where patients are referred from Primary Health centers, Sub District Hospitals, and Community Health Centers. There are specialists for the medical treatments in this hospital.

Health in Anantnag

It has specialists in medicine, orthopedic, ophthalmology, and ENT to look after the patients suffering from related diseases. Apart from this District Hospital, there are 5 Sub District Hospitals, 14 Allopathic Dispensaries, 24 AYUSH Dispensaries, 28 Primary Health Centers, and 134 Sub Centers. Also there is 1 MCH hospital and 1 District TB Center in Anantnag.
Government hospitals in Anantnag
The city has many reputed private hospitals and charitable hospitals also. These private hospitals are well managed by the staff and professional doctors who are also specialists in various streams of medical science.

The charitable hospitals of Anantnag are established to serve the poor and deprived lot of society with adequate medical services. Al Shifa Hospital, John Bishop Memorial Hospital, Imam Husain Medical College, and Life care Hospital are the famous private hospitals in Anantnag.

Nursing Homes in Anantnag

The city also has many leading nursing homes located in various parts of Anantnag. These nursing homes serve the medical needs of the people residing in their vicinity. They are well equipped with all basic medical facilities to treat the patients coming with illnesses. They are an accessible medical help in cases of emergency for people living in nearby localities. They have specialists in medicine, gynecology, orthopedic, and pediatrics. Due to their prompt and specialized services, these nursing homes are quite popular among the locals of Anantnag.

The famous nursing homes in Anantnag are Mohammadia Nursing Home, Rahat Dedi Nursing Home, SKJ Nursing Home, and Hyder Nursing Home.

Health Emergency Services in Anantnag

Health emergencies are a serious issue to be carefully handled with expertise and knowledge. In Anantnag, there are many well managed emergency services to look after such cases. These services are a big respite to the people residing in main city and also for the people who come from rural areas for availing medical facilities. There are ambulances and blood banks that work round the clock to serve the patients in an effective manner.

Health emergency in Anantnag

These ambulances services are provided by almost all the leading hospitals in Anantnag and they are available at call to the seriously ill patients. There is a blood bank in district Hospital of Anantnag for the convenience of people. 24 hours ambulance is available at John Bishop Memorial Hospital, Imam Hussain Medical College, City Hospital, ASYM District Hospital, and Al Shifa Hospital. The ambulances run in Anantnag possess all the basic facilities like first aid, doctors, and nurses along with life saving instruments to provide interim relief to the patients.

Diagnostic Centers in Anantnag

Diagnostic centers play an important role in health care sector. They help to detect the cause and effects of a severe illness to provide relevant treatment. Anantnag city has many reputed diagnostic centers that have the modern techniques of diagnosis including MRI, X ray, CT scan, and various other tests as required for appropriate treatment. The main diagnostic centers in Anantnag are SRL Diagnostic Lab, Apollo Diagnostic Center, Front Line Diagnostic, and Al Shifa Hospital and diagnostic Center.

Diagnosis in Anantnag

Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy in Anantnag (ISM&H and AYUSH)

Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy is established in the entire Anantnag District to serve people residing in remote areas. Anantnag is a hilly region where most of the people have no access to allopathic medicines. They have firm belief on conventional Indian medicine system as a part of their traditions and easy availability of these treatments to them. The soil of Anantnag is blessed with medicinal plants and shrubs that can heal many serious ailments as well.

Health services in Anantnag

In order to serve such people of district with organized and specialized medical treatment in this stream, this department of ISM in Anantnag has set up 28 ISM centers including 24 sanctioned dispensaries and 3 dispensaries with 1 AYUSH unit running on internal arrangement basis at District Hospital Anantnag. Through this network of ISM centers, these conventional Indian treatments are offered to all the residents of district living in far flung hilly terrains. Indian system of Medicine in Anantnag

There are qualified and trained Ayurvedic and Unani doctors employed in these centers. At present, the department has strength of 26 doctors and 38 paramedical staff to serve this purpose.

Under NRHM scheme also, this department has appointed 26 AYUSH doctors and 26 Pharmacists in all the district primary health centers. One AYUSH unit is run at MMAB district hospital of the city which will soon be equipped with 10 beds, Panchakarma, and Regimental therapies.

For the treatment of chronic diseases, Indian system of medicine is preferred by more people all over the globe. They are safer, precise, affordable, and generally have no side effects as well. This increases their popularity among the masses.

Main functions performed by Department of ISM in Anantnag are:

  • Free Unani and Ayurvedic consultation and medicines
  • Health education to people living in the remote rural areas
  • Implementation of all National Health Schemes proposed by government
  • Medical aid camps in remote areas for poor people
  • Medical education programmes aimed at medical officers and pharmacists in Anantnag district
  • Providing free medical facilities to pilgrims of Amarnath ji Yatra
  • Disaster management in times of occurrence of natural calamities in coordination with State Department of Health services and District Administration of Anantnag district
  • Till date, the department and its expedient staff has served thousands of patients including the pilgrims on route of the Holy Cave
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